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I am using this page to assemble resources that may be useful to those who are either in therapy or are thinking about it. It is work in progress and I would be pleased to take suggestions about what I might include here.

The most important part of the work you do on yourself is done in the family and at your workplace… A teacher of monks must beat them, humiliate them, drive them to make greater efforts. A teacher of lay students has it easy. All that he or she has to do is to sit back and let life do the hard work.
- Albert Low

Links and Contact Details

Click here for a special page which gives links and contact details for useful national and local organisations. I do want you to call me, but it seems fair that you should know what else is out there.

Organisations listing therapists and counsellors are set out on the Really Important Questions page.

Selected reading

Click here for a list of books which could be useful in thinking about therapy or specific problems, or which you might find inspirational in tough times. They are not intended to be comprehensive but I will add to them from time to time and am happy to consider suggestions.


Click on Therapyeye to take you to the blog of a working therapist.

Resources. Depression


A large proportion of my clients come to me suffering from depression or anxiety. Click here for a substantial document which is intended to help anyone who suffers from depression, or who cares about someone who does.

Resources. Anxiety and Panic

Anxiety and Panic

Click here for a substantial document about anxiety and panic.

Resources. Significant Others

General Points for Significant Others

This is a short document for "significant others". It is intended for anyone who has a friend or loved one who may be going through a tough time or thinking about therapy.

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